August 25, 2018

Work, school, relationships -- anxiety, stress and related tension are abundant.  Try this simple and effective essential oil recipe to for relief. 

Combine the following oils:

5 Drops Peppermint

2 Drops Eucalyptus

2 Drops Camphor

2 Drops Sandalwood

1 Drop Parsley...

A great deal of confusion exists regarding safe practices when essential oils are used for personal wellness. Unfortunately, this confusion is likely made worse by conflicting information produced via social media and marketing sources. We are here to help you sort o...

Life Enhancement Essentials AKA, LE Essentials is our proprietary line of essential oil synergies.  This lovely set of oils was formulated by our team of behavioral health experts.  Yes, we personally do the work!  There’s no third party factory, manufacturer or other...

May 5, 2018

Still curious about how essential oils are extracted?  As discussed in our very first post, What are Essential Oils and What do they have to do with Emotional health?, most essential oils are extracted  via steam distillation while a relatively small number of oils are...

Inhaling the scent of essential oils sends cues to the emotional portion of your brain at an astounding rate of more than 300 miles per hour to your stress response system (limbic system)

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