LE Essentials

Your Emotional Health Poured into Tiny Bottles

Life Enhancement Essentials, AKA, LE Essentials is a proprietary line of 100% pure essential oil synergies created especially for your wellness.  Our entire line of products were created and handcrafted by our team of wellness experts at Life Enhancement Psychotherapy.  Need to uplift your mood? Want to stay emotionally grounded even during your most stressful moments? Do you need to calm your mind and body?  Want a deep, peaceful night's sleep? 

If so, LE Essentials are perfect for you! 

LE Essentials
LE Essentials Roll-On Synergies
LE Essentials Roll-On Synergies
Uplift your mood!
Lava Bracelet BarB1_edited.jpg
Take Control Sour Mood Detox
Mother Child Pend4_edited.jpg
Letting Go Ultimate Lavender
Blond Corn Flowers_edited_edited.jpg
Letting Go of concerns
ML Mambo
Take Control Winter Defense
Take Control on the Go Inhaler
Take Control of your emotions!
Take Control Roll-On Blend
Lava Bracelet
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Win Bundle_edited.jpg
Dragon Pend2_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Letting Go of concerns for peaceful rest.
Letting Go
Car Tree of Life_edited.jpg
Diffuser Pendent
ML Mambo Reed Diffuser Set
Letting Go Reed Diffuser Set
ML Smile
Inhale Slowly
Exhale On the Go Inhaler
Calm your mind and body
Diffuser Bracelets
Take Control On the Go Inhaler
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Lava Bracelet Beads_edited.jpg


Best of the Best


LE Essenitals

Signature Product

Life Enhancement Essential Oils or LE Essentials is our signature line of essential oil synergies.  When used with our simple yet effective self-care practices, these oils empower you to take better care of your emotional health.  

  • ML Smile to uplift your mood

  • Exhale to calm your mind 

  • Letting Go of worries to feel peaceful

  • Take Control of your emotions to feel empowered!

Purchase a full set or pick your favorites! $6.00 - $22.50

On The Go Inhaler

Top Seller

Do you want the ability to feel calm and empowered anytime and anywhere?  We placed concentrated blends of Take Control and Exhale synergies into sleek pocket inhalers.  When desired just reach into your pocket or bag, remove the lid and inhale deeply (specific instructions provided) to get a blast of emotional support exactly when you need it! Inhaler arrives pre-filled and will last at least one month before refreshing is needed (refills available for purchase separately).  $12.50

Self-Care Bundles

Special Collections of LE Essentials and other products.  All handcrafted by your LE Essentials team.

Pick from two bundles, both featuring a full set of LE Essentials and an assortment of bath, body and home products.


Take Control on the Go pocket inhaler

Letting Go Ultimate Lavender Bath Salts and Teas  

Take Control Sour Mood Detox Bath Salts and Teas

ML Mambo Spa Steamers for the Shower

Take Control Winter Defense Spa Steamers for the Shower

Letting Go Ultimate Lavender Reed Diffusers

ML Mambo Reed Diffusers



Take Control Sour Mood Detox Bath Tea and Salts

Letting Go Ultimate Lavender Bath Tea and Salts

Colossal Spa Steamers for the Shower 

Bath bomb (scents vary)

Loving Intentions Massage Oil

Loving Intentions Linen Spray

Mindful about You Massage Oil

Mindful about You Linen Spray

Plumeria shaped floating candles

Sprinkling of Gourmet Chocolates

AND to top it all off 

Relationship tips

Optional 1 Hour of Online Relationship Coaching at more than 50% discounted rate


$48.95 - $148.95


About our Online Store

Our Story

LE Essentials are 100% pure essential oil synergies derived from plants that have been used for millennia to promote emotional health.  We have combined these oils with decades of collective expertise.  When you use LE Essentials regularly and as directed, you are tapping into the benefits of neuropsychology, meditation, cognitive-behaviorism and integrative health practices.  You have found an easy yet powerful way to support your emotional health. 

Life Essentials is a branch of Life Enhancement Psychotherapy which was founded in 2007 by Dr. LeShelle Woodard, Ph.D. These wellness oils were developed by our team of clinicians based on our observations of need and wellness practices that have proven helpful to our clients and indeed, to ourselves.  As you use these oils you join our community of individuals seeking to be our best selves.  We welcome you warmly and enthusiastically!


Quality, Safety and FDA Status of Essential Oils

Each of our four signature 100% pure LE Essentials synergy formulations has been reviewed and safety approved by a certified aromatherapist.  Our core formulations are the bases for our 100% pure bath salts, bath teas, spa steamers and bath bombs.  Our LE Essentials based reed diffusers include 100% pure oils combined with a VOC free base.  As for our other oil based products, we favor 100% pure essential oils or 100% natural fragrance oils and other natural ingredients.  All of our products are created within established safety guidelines associated given ingredients and formulations.  

Prior to use, consumers are advised to: 1) Consult your medical provider(s). 2) Perform a patch test for possible allergic reactions. 3) Seek consultation with an aromatherapist or physician prior to using our synergies with children under seven years of age.

Essential oils are a natural plant oils that have not been evaluated by the FDA for their effectiveness in treating emotional or physical illnesses. LE Essentials are consistent with traditional practices but are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any behavioral or physical health conditions or disease.  Seek an appropriate provider if you suspect a need for support. 


LE Essentials Products Reviews

Cassandra Asvestas

"The LE Essentials are amazing! Below are some of the products I have tried.
LE Essentials 100% pure essenital oil synergies designed to support your emotional health - These little bottle of scented oils sooth the soul and stimulate your subconscious to be the best you, you can be. Plus they come in little roller bottles for easy applicton to wrists and neck!
LE Essentials Ultimate Lavender Bath Tea - This stuff smells so good and relaxing that I even keep them in my drawer with my clothes for long lasting scent.
Spa Steamers for the Shower - Encourages relaxation or energy depending on the type. Such a refreshing way to either unwind at the end of the day or embrace the challenges ahead as a new day starts!
Take Control Pocket Inhaler is a huge hit with me and my friends. People at work love the idea of the discreet and fashionable empowering scent, convenient to take with you anywhere.
Scented Bracelet - I was thrilled with this! The bracelet is adorable and you add a little scent to it each day for long lasting easy access to your scent of choice. Fashionable and mentally stimulating, it took me completely by surprise, but in a great way!
Plus there are AWESOME bath products that I have not used but they smell amazing!
So be strong, be smart and be the best version of you EVERY day by being invested in your emotional wellbeing with any or all of these wonderful goodies.
I am not being paid for this review, I bought the products myself because of the good quality work of Life Enhancement Psychotherapy but I am being entered into a raffle to win more so I thought I would help spread the word about how awesome it is!"

Natasha B

"This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."

Feedback From LE Essentials Product Survey

"Love the inhalers, use them all the time at work. It is great at grounding me and keeping me focused on what I have to do and helps me push away my emotions.”

Feedback From LE Essentials Product Survey

"I just love LEP & trust that anything they introduce is worth checking out”

Feedback from LE Essentials Product Survey

Suggestions for ImprovementMore scents for the bracelet and inhaler. 

LE Essentials Response: Thanks for the feedback - we do our best to carefully consider all customer suggestions.  So, we are especially  excited to share that we have just converted Exhale into a On the Go Inhaler blend.  AND in addition to our traditional lava bracelets we now have beautiful essential oil pendants and  a selection of leather and stainless tree of life bracelets.  We are presently testing other personal diffusers, so stay tuned! 

From LE Essentials Product Survey

Suggestions for Improvement:  "none, love the products and most of all, find them very helpful!


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