Blond Bombs

Blond Bombs

Leave it to us to make bath bombs even better. Our LE Essentials Blond bombs are all about giving you a luxurious emotionally and physically healthy bath experience. Our lovely fragrances range from slightly sweet to exotic and are the product of 100% pure essential oils, natural fragrance oils or herb oils that we infuse ourselves. These bombs are the healthiest you'll find as they are free of hormone disrupting synthetic colorants, bacteria feeding sugars (yes, sugars!) or cancer causing toxins such as talc. Place one of our bombs into your bath, relax and enjoy the uplifting impact on your sense well-being.  Better, close your eyes and use one of our breath work techniques or meditations to transform your bathing experience into a state of emotional centeredness and peace. 



  • Assortment of four bath bombs, enough for four baths.
  • Size approx. 7 oz (large sized).


Calming, Joyful Blonds: Use with deep beathing or one of our breath work exercises to promote a sense of centeredness and pleasant emotions. 

  • Green Jasmine: Pure jasmine absolute oil and a tiny hint of pure citrus essential oils are combined with green tea matcha to create a luxurious bath experience that promotes calm sense of energy and a joyful mood.
  • Oatmeal and Honey: Nourish your mind and body with this light, slightly sweet smelling bomb containing 100% natural fragrance oils, body butters and oat straw which is known for its ability to nourish dry, itchy skin. The soft, slightly exotic scents of this bomb are designed to promote a sense of light hearted serenity.


Meditative Blonds: The complex aromas of these bombs are designed to promote pleasant, deep contemplation. Use your own meditative practices or try one of our guided imagery or visualization exercise to turn your bath into a transcending experience.

  • Citrus Spa: A citrusy aroma is at the heart of this bomb with a complex enticing hints of rosemary, oakmoss and cedar.
  • Exotic Spa: The balsamic, smoky-sweet scent of exotic Guaiac wood is balanced and enhanced with the addition of oils derived from French sage leaf, bergamot, chamomile and lavender.

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