Exhale on the Go Pocket Inhaler

Exhale on the Go Pocket Inhaler

Do you need to be able get rid of anxious feelings at any time? Our LE Essentials Exhale on the Go pocket inhaler is just what you need.  Our sleek inhaler encases a large felt filament scented with 100% pure Exhale synergy. This blend is stronger than our roll-on blend to give you an instant sense of support when you needed.  Now available in sky blue and jasmine green with gold trim. Inhaler dimensions: 9.4 cm length, 1.9 cm diameter.  Filament holds up to 2ml oil and is encased in glass.  NOTE: Inhaler comes prefilled with Exhale.  Refills available for purchase separately.


LEE Prime products are based on our original proprietary line of essential oils synergies. These products incorporate the same range of ingredients that are traditionally believed to enhance your emotional health.

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