LE Essentials Single

LE Essentials Single

Life Enhancement Essential Oils or LE Essentials is our set of proprietary 100% pure essential oil synergies.  These synergies were created by our team of behavioral health experts at Life Enhancement Psychotherapy.  When combined with our self-care practices, these oils are intended to empower you to feel content, calm, empowered and relaxed!   


Do you want to order your favorite LE Essentials synergy?  We've got you covered!  


  • ML Smile: "ML" stands for Mona Lisa.  We believe it was famed psychologist, Marsha Linehan who first recommended using a Mona Lisa type smile to uplift mood with her highly emotionally dysregulated clients. The technique can work for everyone.   Go ahead, give it a try by channeling Mona Lisa's smile into your facial expression.  Don't letting doubting or negative thoughts derail you.  What do you notice?  Add our beautiful synergy of citrus with hint of focus enhancing rosemary to your ML Smile and uplift your mood anytime you desire!


  • Exhale: Are you aware that behavioral health experts largely agree that anxiety and the related chronic activation of our stress response system ("fight or flight") is one of the biggest risk factors for the development of an array of emotional and physical difficulties?  Why not proactively engage in behaviors that counteract our anxious ways.  Use our breathing strategies -- they are based on basic neuropsychology principles to counteract stress.  Add our Exhale inhaler to tap into the traditional, age-old benefits of essential oils that a believed to counteract anxiety and promote a sense of grounded well-being.  


  • Take Control:  We have all been there.  A particularly stressful encounter in a particular situation or with a certain person sends us into a tailspin of highly unpleasant emotions, stressful feelings and unhealthy thoughts.  Roll your Take Control synergy onto your wrists and inhale deeply as a behavioral and traditional holistic means of regaining your footing.  Use regularly to gain a holistic benefit.  Add our Take Control inhaler (sold separately) to regain your footing exactly when needed.  


  • Letting Go:  The blend of lavender essential oils that are the key ingredient of Letting Go have a sound amount of empirical support for a range of benefits.  We have added vetiver (a cousin of valerian root) to further enhance the traditional restful benefits of our synergy.  Use letting go regularly to promote a pleasant, relaxed emotional state. 
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