Couple's Bundle

Couple's Bundle


Social scientists use the term "social supports" to refer to the network of family, friends and significant others around us.  Are you aware that having adequate social support in the form of a network of positive, appropriate and sufficiently responsive others is essential to maintaining emotional (and physical) well-being? Why not extend your self-care to include reciprocity with the one you love? This bundle includes several of core LE Essentials products and an assortment of specialty products for couples. Substitutions allowed for masculine or feminine scented only bundles (we won't tell if the entire bundle is just for you)!


LE Essentials Core Products:

  • Four 2ml roll-on bottles of LE Essentials.  Our signature set of 100% pure essential oil synergies designed to support postive mood (ML Smile), allieviating tension (Exhale), taming negative emotions (Take Control) and promoting rest (Letting Go).  
  • Our Letting Go Ultimate Lavender Bath Set (4 bags total): for a transcendant relaxing bath experience. 
  • Take Control Sour Mood Detox Bath Set (4 bags total):  for respite from especially stressful days and difficult others. 


Specialty Products for Couples:

  • 2 Colossal Spa Steamers for a Leisurely Shower:  1 Jasmine Tranquility, 1 Tuberose for Him for gentle masculine empowerment and relaxation.
  • 4 Bath Salts - 2 Jasmine and Coconut for a calm, pleasant mood, 2 Tuberose for Him for gentle masculine empowerment and relaxation.
  • 1 Bath Bomb (picked from random assortment)
  • 1 Loving Intentions Linen Spray (1 oz) and Massage Oil (2 oz) Set
  • 1 Mindful About You Linen Spray (1 oz) and Massage Oil (2 oz) Set
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