Lava Bracelet - LE Essentials Jewelry Pairs

Lava Bracelet - LE Essentials Jewelry Pairs


Pair your favorite LE Essential with one or more simple, elegant natural lava bracelets. Lava bracelets and LE Essentials are a natural pairing associated with a double-dose of benefits. Choose your favorite LE Essentials -- ML Smile (uplift mood), Exhale (quench anxious feelings), Take Control (Empowerment) or, if you like, Letting Go (peace, rest). When added to your lava bracelet, you tap into traditional qualities of lava -- emotionally calming with a low hum of vibrancy. Because it comes from raw energy, lava is considered to be a stone of rebirth and is considered excellent for shedding unneeded layers of unhealthy emotional attachment.


The bracelet is approximately 7 inches and stretches to fit most male and female adults. Bracelet is accented by marbled beading with a metal alloy trim. Marbling patterns and colors vary slightly. Gold tone only bracelets, the key is bead picked randomly (specific bead choice unavailable -- sorry!).

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