LE Essentials Reed Diffusers

LE Essentials Reed Diffusers

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Naturally diffuse your LE Essentials Letting Go and ML blends to fill any room with emotional health support in your home or office.   


Letting Go Peaceful Serenity reed diffuser fills the room with a complex lavender based blend of essential oils.  Just like our Letting Go synergy, our diffuser blend adds vetiver (a member of the valerian family) and chamomile essential oils to further enhance a calming effect.  Try this diffuser and note its lovely impact in producing a sense of calm  serenity.   


ML Mambo Uplifting Joy reed diffuser is designed to jump start your mood.  This enhanced uplifting effect is achieved through a combination of mandarin and lemon-lime listsea cubeba essential oils.  With our original ML Smile roll-on synergy, we asked you to picture and even channel the smile of da Vinchi's Mona Lisa into your special smile.  With ML Mambo, we ask you to imagine Mona Lisa -- or yourself -- starting the day while joyously dancing into the dawn!


Set includes a pair of small diffuser bottles with your choice of Letting Go or ML Mambor diffuser blend.  Total diffuser is 1.5 oz.  (One pair of diffusers scents a roughly 200 sq foot room).  

    LE Essential Reed diffusers

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