LE Essentials Singles 1/2 oz Bottles

LE Essentials Singles 1/2 oz Bottles

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While you may appreciate our tag, "Your emotional health poured into tiny bottles." do you find that want a not so tiny bottle of LE Essentials?  You've got it!  When we introduced LE Essentials at various events, we brought a supply of 1/2 oz dropper bottles of oils.  We intended to make it easy for others to experience our synergies.  While many people bought our original set of LE Essentails, others really wanted one or two single synergies and pointed to our sample bottles and stated, "That's what I want to buy".  We listened (of course....we're clinicians) and we are pleased to offer these not so tiny bottles of LE Essentials.  These synergies are the same as the 100% pure synergies packaged in larger cost effective bottles with less packaging.  As a special thanks for your interest and loyalty, we have passed our savings on to you for a radically exteme value.   

    LE Essentials Dropper Bottle Synergies

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