ML Mambo Spa Steamers for the Shower

ML Mambo Spa Steamers for the Shower


Did you know that the "ML" in our proprietary essential oil synergy stands for Mona Lisa? This product takes Mona's smile and turns it into a party for your senses with ML Mambo! Place your ML Mambo steamer onto the floor of your shower where water can splash onto it (we like them just above the drain), turn on the shower, climb in and let the fun begin. This steamer replaces the gentle citrus essential oils found in ML Smile with a combination of energy boosting 100% pure Listsea Cubeba and Sweet Mandarin essential oils. Start your day with a citrus boost and you may find yourself dancing a mambo well into your day!


Package includes a four pack of steamers formed into 2 - 3 inch cubes. Enough for 4 showers. For use in the shower only -- the high concentration of essential oils likely to cause skin irritation if used in the bath. Formulated for use by adults.


LEE Prime products are based on our proprietary line of essential oils synergies. These products incorporate the same range of ingredients that are traditionally believed to enhance your emotional health.


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