Take Control Sour Mood Detox Bath Set

Take Control Sour Mood Detox Bath Set

Take the edge off of a trying experience or stressful day with our 100% Natural Take Control inspired bath products. Our 3-2-1 Calm Bath Tea is designed to infuse your bath contains a wonderful blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper berries and other natural ingredients known for relaxing one's mind and alleviating stress. When you've had a truly horrid day add you TC Sour Mood Detox bath salts which are designed to have the same effect as our TC synergy -- helping you gain a calm and centered sense of empowerment. Each set includes 2 bags each 3-2-1 Calm Bath Tea and TC Sour Mood Detox Bath Salts (4 bags total). Each set is enough for 2 - 4 baths.


LEE Prime products are based on our proprietary line of essential oils synergies. These products incorporate the same range of ingredients that are traditionally believed to enhance your emotional health.

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