Take Control Winter Defense Spa Steamers for the Shower

Take Control Winter Defense Spa Steamers for the Shower

Did you know that our levels of irritability and sadness increase during the winter months? Decreased sunshine is believed to be a culprit for those of us living in cold climates while everything from post holiday stress and failed new year’s resolutions don't seem to help either. Take Control Winter Defense is our "right back at you" to winter blahs! This shower steamer keeps the wonderful 100% pure camphor essential oil that is part of our proprietary Take Control synergy and combines it with eucalyptus essential oil and menthol crystals to produce and empowering experience in your shower. What a great way to start or end your day!


Package includes a four pack of steamers formed into 2 - 3 inch cubes. Enough for 4 showers. For use in the shower only -- the high concentration of essential oils and menthol are likely to cause skin irritation if used in the bath. Formulated for use by adults.


LEE Prime products are based on our original proprietary line of essential oils synergies. These products incorporate the same range of ingredients that are traditionally believed to enhance your emotional health.

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