Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

How much time do you spend in your car?  Whether it is a short jaunt or a long commute, why not turn your time into an opportunity to support your emotional health?  Add your favorite LE Essential to one of our beautiful car diffusers:


  • ML Smile to uplift your mood:  Before you hop in your car envision the famed Mona Lisa and channel her smile.  Place a few drops of ML Smile on the pad of your car diffuser.  Start your engine and head out for an uplifting driving experience
  • Exhale to breathe away tension:  Are you dreading rush hour?  Do other drivers make you want to pull out your hair or just get off of the road?  You can't change driving conditions or the behaviors of other drivers.  You can however, voice a positive intention with regarding to your attitude and behaviors.  Grab your Exhale inhaler breathe in its scent deeply and exhale slowly.  Repeat and focus on your positive intention.  Now you're ready for whatever traffic brings.  
  • Take Control of negative emotions:  Are you an angry or competitive driver (it's okay, you can admit it)?  Are you aware that your aggressive tension is so psychologically toxic that it can take years off your life?  Are you ready to take control of your emotions when tension mounts on the road.  Take your first step by keeping your Take Control inhaler handy.  Use it at stop lights to redirect your throughts to calming your breathing redict your thoughts to the present moment.  
  • Letting Go for leisurely driving experiences:  Are you a big fan of scenic drives.  Do you intentionally take side and back roads to maintain your sanity, feel of sense of adventure or to take in the scenery.  Why not enhance your experience by filling your car with our nuanced lavender Letting Go car diffuser blend?  Note:  NOT recommended for use when tired or drowsy.


Diffuser Choices: 

  • Tree of Life
  • Leaf
  • Butterfly


Your  diffuser will arrive with 2 ml of the LE Essential of your choice. Place a few drops onto the included felt pad and place over a vent in your car. As air flows through the diffuser, your car will fill with the scent of you LE Essential.  Pair with recommended self-care methods to ease your drive and to support your emotional health.  Diffuser: 30 mm in diameter with a clip for your vehicle vents. Pad colors may vary, five included with possible choices: black, white grey, leaf green, pink, light blue and yellow.

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