Ultimate Lavender Bath: A Letting Go Experience

Ultimate Lavender Bath: A Letting Go Experience


Take the edge off of a trying experience or stressful day with our 100% Natural Letting Go inspired bath Products. Our Ultimate Lavender Bath Tea is designed to infuse your bath with a the scent of beautiful lavender and a hint of rosemary to relax your body and clear you mind.  When you really need it, take things to the next level by adding your lavender essential oils infused Letting Go Tranquil Bath Salts.  Each set includes 2 bags each Ultimate Lavender Bath Tea and Letting Go Tranquil Bath Salts (4 bags total).  


LEE Prime products are based on our proprietary line of essential oils synergies.  These products incorporate the same range of ingredients that are traditioanlly believe to enhance your emotional health.  

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