Wooden Cylinder Diffuser Locket - LE Essentials Pairs

Wooden Cylinder Diffuser Locket - LE Essentials Pairs


Pair your favorite LE Essentials synergy with one of our beautiful wood and stainless steel cylinder lockets.  We love the modern look of these lockets!  Please note, diffusion from these lockets is througha single hole producing a very light scentwhich works well if you want to inhale your synergy periodically by tilting your head forward or lifting the pendant to your nose.  If you want a stronger scent, please pick a lava based pendant.  Even with this consideration, we love this locket and we think you will too!  Details:  Locket is 38mm in height, 9mm diameter and opens for placement of diffuser filament containing your favorite LE Essential.  Wood finishes:  white, dark brown and khaki.  Cylinder is gold toned.  Nine filaments included.  Chain is 20" stainless steel. 

    Wooden Cylinder Diffuser Locket

    LE Essentials

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