Videos: Distillation of Essential Oils

May 5, 2018


Still curious about how essential oils are extracted?  As discussed in our very first post, What are Essential Oils and What do they have to do with Emotional health?, most essential oils are extracted  via steam distillation while a relatively small number of oils are extracted via pressure applied to oil containing plant components.  Watch these videos for an example of each method.


Steam distillation: This is a successful first attempt by a savvy (and apparently knowledgeable) Japanese entrepreneur to extract essential oil from hinoki wood. Kudos!



Expression:  The expression method is commonly used to extract essential oils from the peels of citrus through the application of pressure.  This video shows a compelling grass roots start up in The Republic of Gambia in West Africa.  The actual extraction of essential oil starts four minutes into the video.  However, we suggest that you watch the entire segment as it provides a context for understanding how much goes into growing and managing the moringa plant prior to extracting the essential oil.  Each step is completed by hand.  Your team at LEP can relate to the joy and pride that goes into caring for others in such a personal manner!  We wish these women all the luck in the world!



What did you notice as you watched these videos?  Drop us a line below to share your thoughts, comments and observations.  


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