How are LE Essentials Related to Emotional Health?




Life Enhancement Essentials AKA, LE Essentials is our proprietary line of essential oil synergies.  This lovely set of oils was formulated by our team of behavioral health experts.  Yes, we personally do the work!  There’s no third party factory, manufacturer or other entity involved in making LE Essentials.  Each ingredient in our blends was carefully researched and selected for its ability to positively impact your emotional health.  Keep reading to find out exactly how each synergy works.




Traditional Wisdom Meets Cutting Edge Self-Care


Each of your LE Essentials is formulated in a manner that is consistent with age old practices so that you may gain traditional, holistic benefits of the oils.  Proper use of LE Essentials however, also involves consistent use in conjunction with the self-care practices outlined here.  Paying attention to breathing, focusing attention and concentrating on the scents of the oils will not only allow you to fully enjoy your LE Essentials but to also tap into the expertise of the LE Team to enhance your emotional health.  If you have already purchased your LE Essentials roll-on synergies or pocket inhalers, keep them handy as you read so that you may learn (or review) the emotional health supporting techniques associated with each oil.



Do you need to replace keyed up feelings with calmness?


Our Exhale synergy is formulated to assist you in breathing away states of tension and shifting into a state of pleasant calmness.  This is our most complex blend consisting of 11 essential oils which are blended into a lovely floral aroma with hints spicy and calming undertones. 


Key essentials oils in Exhale: Frankincense and myrrh for meditative grounding.  Vetiver for calmness.  Sandalwood, patchouli, ho wood and blue tansy for a mild and pleasant stabilization of emotions. 


Enhance your emotional health:  Take hold of your Exhale inhaler and hold it beneath your nose.  Or with your roll-on bottle, roll oil onto your index fingers and use your thumb to gently rub the oil into your skin.  For a stronger scent, also roll onto your palms.  Cup your hands, hold to your face being careful to avoid your eyes and mucus membranes.  Breathe in slowly and deeply and then, importantly, exhale slowly.  Continue breathing in this manner and really concentrate on the scent of the oils.  See if you can identify and name the separate oils that make up this synergy looking for top notes (the first scents you’ll notice) followed by middle notes.  See if you can identify base notes which persist the longest seem to be present in all three notes. Which are your favored aromatic components?  Alternately, direct your thoughts to a pleasant or peaceful scene such as a perfect day relaxing on the beach, or holding hands or a deep embrace with someone you love or imagine peacefully floating on a cloud.  Maintain this practice for at least 60 seconds or ideally until you feel calm. 


Exhale products:  2 ml Roll-on bottles , 15 ml (0.5 oz) dropper bottles, On the Go Inhaler, Diffuser Jewelry-LEE Pairs  



Want to uplift your mood?


If so, get your ML Smile roll-on synergy.  The “ML” in ML Smile stands for Mona Lisa.  Just take a moment and picture da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and notice her special smile that seems to suggest that she knows something that we don’t know -- and it’s really good! 




Key therapeutic essentials oils in ML Smile:  Bergamot and sweet orange to uplift mood.  Rosemary for clarity of thoughts.


Enhancing your emotional health:  We are not just having fun with our selection of Mona Lisa as the inspiration for ML Smile.  We believe it was famed psychologist, Marsha Linehan, who first directed her highly emotional clients to think of Mona Lisa and copy her smile as a means of shifting away from states of emotional chaos into happiness.  If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and follow Mona Lisa’s lead by using your own special smile.  Go ahead, give it a try! What do you notice?



Feel free to share your ML Smile:



ML Smile Products:  2 ml Roll-on Bottle, 15 ml (.0.5 oz.) Dropper Bottle,  Atomizer.  Visit our product pages to learn about ML Mambo spa steamers, for the shower, ML Mambo Uplifting Joy reed diffuser,  and LEE-Diffuser Jewelry pairs. 




Do you need a sense of calm serenity?


Letting Go is designed to move you into a state of peaceful serenity.  We first recommended this blend to help with sleep but then found that when we started diffusing the blend in our offices, our clients reported a sense of pleasant calmness.  Use this blend to promote a peaceful state of mind as you prepare for bed or otherwise want to gain a sense of pleasant serenity. 


Key essential oils in Letting Go:  Lavender for its calming effects.  Vetiver (a member of the valerian family), to promote the release of anxious tension.


Enhance your emotional health:  When preparing for relaxation or sleep:  Take hold of your roll-on bottle of Letting Go and roll onto the palms of your hands and using your hands, apply to the bottoms of your feet, make sure to include your big toes.  Cup your hands in front of your face and deeply breathe in the scent of the synergy.   Give yourself permission to let go of any lingering thoughts or concerns by thinking or quietly saying “Letting go of worries, gaining peacefulness”.  Throughout your day:  Apply Letting Go to the hollow area at the base of your neck and at the hollow strip at the base of your earlobe extending to just your jawline (make sure to watch our for clothing).  For an added effect anytime:  Use our Letting Go Peaceful Serenity diffuser blend anywhere you wish to promote a sense of peacefulness.   


Letting Go Products:  2 ml Roll-on Bottle, 15 ml (0.5 oz) dropper bottle.  Visit our product pages to learn about our Diffuser , LEE - Diffuser Jewelry pairs, Letting Go Peaceful Serenity reed diffuser blend,  Letting Go Tranquil Bath salts and Ultimate Lavender Bath Tea



Do you need support with emotional grounding during stressful moments?


Take Control is your secret weapon!  We have received a combination of positive feedback, praise and gratitude regarding our Take Control synergy and its ability to support mental and physical grounding during acutely stressful moments.  


Key therapeutic ingredients:  Peppermint to relieve tension.  Camphor to open nasal passageways. 


Enhancing emotional health:  Use take control during times in which you are experiencing intense, unpleasant emotions.  To take advantage of the full benefits of this synergy, complete a brief body scan to note where your breathing is registering.  At your nose?  Throat?  Chest?  Your goals is to deepen your breathing which assists with emotional grounding through increasing oxygen supply to your body and brain. 




Grab your Take Control inhaler and hold it beneath your nose.  Or with your roll-on bottle, roll oil onto the palms of your hand and gently rub your hands together to distribute the oil.  Cup your hands and hold to your face being careful to avoid your eyes and mucus membranes (to avoid irritation).  Focus all of your attention on your breathing.  When anxious thoughts intrude or your mind wanders, gently redirect your attention to your breathing.  Think "Inhale 1-2-3."  And "Slowly exhale 3-2-1-0.  In control."  Repeat until your breathing has calmed and you feel in control.


Take Control Products: 2 ml Roll-on bottle, 15 ml (0.5 oz) Dropper Bottle, On the Go Inhaler.  Visit our product pages to learn about Take Control "3-2-1-0 Calm" Mood Soothing Bath Tea, Sour Mood Detox Bath Salts, and Take Control Spa Steamers for the Shower, LEE-Diffuser Jewelry pairs.


 Note:  If you notice that your mood shifts easily or if you you regularly enter into stressful situations or interpersonal exchanges that create a physically tense emotional state, you may want to consider the Take Control roll-on bottle blend and the Take Control Pocket inhaler.  Keep the inhaler handy for use anytime you experience a spike of emotional stress and use the roller blend as part of your home routine to promote holistic benefits.  



What does a team psychotherapists know about essential oils?  Are the products safe? 


We are firstly and foremost behavioral health experts.  Our interest in essential oils emerged as Life Enhancement Psychotherapy has evolved to emphasize integrative health.  See Boston Voyager's interview with Dr. Woodard to learn more about Life Enhancement Psychotherapy or Dr. Woodard's guest appearance on the Web of Light public television show.  As for LE Essentials, each formulation was reviewed for safety by Certified Aromatherapist, Erica Schveighoffer.  Ms. Schveighoffer has consulted with large corporations and now our tiny corporation regarding essential oil safety.  She guided us in adjusting our synergies to ensure their safety.  In addition to Erica's expertise, we rely on recommendations of the famed Tisserand Institute which has dedicated itself to the study and promotion of essential oil safety.  



How do LE Essentials measure up to the competition?


LE Essentials consist of 100% pure oil blends, just like the big guys (who shall remain nameless).  The scents of our synergies are equally complex as the big guys.  And we've been told that our Take Control synergy smells better than a similar product found in a major natural foods retailer which was thrown out because of personal disliking. 


Unlike our peers however, we are specifically and exclusively focused on self-care.  We are experts in behavioral health with more than 30 years of combined experience.  We will never sell you a product that is designed to clean your kitchen or take care of your pet (although we love them too) alongside caring for your emotional health.  We have carefully researched and constructed each of our products in a focused manner.  Each of our synergies was created using exceeding attention to details regarding each ingredient’s potential for elevating your emotional health.  Our bottom line is that we want you to feel great and to have tools that will empower you in taking better care of your emotional health. 



Are you ready to take control of your emotional health?


If you love our products (and we think you will), combine them with our self-care techniques to seamlessly integrate emotional health practices into your daily routine.  If, ultimately, you pass on our products, then utilize our self-care techniques without LE Essentials – this cuts out a key holistic component from self-care but it leaves in place our fundamental goal of promoting your self-care.  Our behavioral techniques alone, if integrated into your daily routines, can add both quality and years to your life through empowering you to have better control of your emotional states, lowering your exposure to unhealthy stress responses and in turn, promotion of improved physical and emotional health. 



Still not sure?


See our product reviews or try LE Essentials for yourself and let us know what you think


Purchase:  LE Essentials, LE Essentials Half Set, Roll-on Singles, Take Control Inhaler, Exhale Inhaler, ML Smile atomizer spray.




LeShelle Woodard, PhD., on behalf of our team at LE Essentials



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